four of extreme cold


Goodness gracious :grimacing: I couldn’t do it!! I bet your son is happy to leave that kind of cold behind :smile: Lots of refinery work here too! How long has he lived here in Louisiana? Our humid summers can be pretty brutal! I’m near Lake Charles. Where did your son move?


He’s in Houma. He got married in 2016…moved there in July


You can keep all of that.:laughing:. I’m happy with my mild weather. I have my a/c running.


I used to play softball in Houma 20+ years ago :smile: We would have all star tournaments there. Considering he moved in July, he knows all about our hot, humid summers :wink: Definitely a huge change from your frigid temps :cold_face:


Same here. Except it’s a little bit windy here. Just typical west Texas weather. This wind is mild for here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I live in NW Louisiana. A long way from Houma. :slight_smile: I have lived in cold climates. I hate cold. I don’t like extreme heat, either, but as long as I can have AC I can make it. But, in the winter it is actually fairly mild here compared to some climates. We do get frigid cold from time to time, but it is rare. Ice storms that break tree limbs, etc. I was born and reared in Louisiana. Then, I married a military man and moved to a lot of places over 23 years! Now, we have lived here 26 years. Guess I am dating myself there! Yep, I am not a spring chicken anymore. :slight_smile: I am sure Canada is much worse than any place I have lived, but I have lived in places too cold for me. :slight_smile: Will you get to come visit your son? That would be nice.


I’m glad I live in Louisiana to I don’t like cold I hurt all over. Where does he live. You come to visit maybe close enoug to meet one another. Stay warm enough and safe.


He lives about an hour from me. You need to come visit him so we can meet.


Thank you for sharing the place I will never visit! Hahaa Those poor people! Is it even possible to get used to a temperature like that? Not visiting you either, @Mommarobin.

Im in the NE had to deal with a bit of that polar vortex. Then it was so nice for a couple of days. We ran around in short sleeves with no coats. Now I get up and look outside and see the ground covered in snow. It will be doing this all day. :roll_eyes: I am ready to relocate… but not to Australia, where it’s hot enough to melt pavement.


It’s still cold here…so tired of it!
Our back door froze last night. We had to get the hairdryer and warm it up, so we could let the dogs out. And my front door just froze! I have kiddies coming (my day home) and I couldn’t get the door open. Luckily the garage door wasn’t frozen, so they came in through the garage. Aarrgghj!


I will be there at some point this year :slight_smile:


I’ve been there a few times already. His wedding was in October, and the weather was still so beautiful!


Prayers for warmer weather it cold here in WA too but not in the negatives been getting hit with snow and suppose to get more today loosing out on babysitting cause of all snow and ice

And weather like this make me not feel good so hope feel better soon and hopefully warmer days

Stay safe and stay warm


Yes, Spring will make all feel better, I think. I had an Uncle and one year he and my aunt, and myself, did not feel well during the winter that year. (They were actually ill with other things, though.) I told him one day that we would all feel better come Spring. I think we did, too. :slight_smile:


I thought Louisiana weather was the only place it changes that fast and to that extent! :slight_smile: We have a saying, as they do in other States, if you don’t like the weather, just hang around a while. It will change.


This was our weather yesterday in the Texas panhandle. But I would take the 40 mph winds and sand storms any day over freezing cold weather. Call me crazy. But I don’t like cold. :grimacing:


Day 12

It’s still-24 here today :frowning:


Nope. Nope. Aaaand NOPE! I’m staying right where I am. lol


Nope! You keep your cold. I’ll keep my dirt and wind. :grimacing: