four of extreme cold


Here in northern Alberta Canada
For a few minutes today, we were apparently the coldest spot in the world!

Our doorknobs are frosted over, back door wont even open. Windows on front of our house are totally frosted over. Basically the oil furnace is going almos5 non stop


Oh wow! It was 70 degrees and beautiful today here in the Texas panhandle. My heart goes out to you. I don’t know how you survive that cold weather! :grimacing:


I’ve been in sub-zero weather but not THAT sub-zero! Gives me goosebumps to even think about. Make sure your oil gets refilled in plenty of time.


Oh my!! We are at 55 today because of the clouds and felt so cold. I hope you’re safe :pray::hugs:


You can come and visit with me in Atlanta, it’s 60 or 70 F here. I’ve done my share of cold winters in Ukraine. Don’t want to live in a cold climate ever again :sun_with_face::sunglasses:

But on another hand, you can stay home and paint! Do you have a job? Do you obligated to work under such weather? Here, even if it’s an expectation of a little snow, life stops, schools are closed, work opening delayed.


Today I learned a little Trivia. Oymyakon, Russia is the coldest town on earth. On February 6, 1933, a temperature of -89.9 F was recorded. This was the coldest officially recorded temperature in the Northern Hemisphere. It has 500 residents. If the temperature is above -67 F, the children are allowed to go to school. I am wondering WHY 500 people continue to live there. :slight_smile: The ground is permanently frozen… Just thought I’d share that. I found it interesting, and also I learned of a place I never want to see! LOL


I don’t think people are voloneraly there…:cold_face:


That must be it. Maybe they are forced there for some reason. :slight_smile: It just seems so unreal to me.


Thats cold!..stay warm!


This is so funny and a little crazy to me because Australia is in summer and getting 50°C (122°F) weather at the moment


122 F is just as bad to me!


Last week we had -30 degree weather here in New York State. The but yesterday the temp went up to 63 degrees. We thought we were having a heat wave, people walking around outside without coats on. This weather sure is crazy. Now they are saying snow again this week.


It’s been in the -50’s in Chicago this week! It’s totally insane! Luckily today it’s 52 and it feels like spring!


Here in Central Minnesota it was -38 degrees for an air temp last week. The coldest it’s been in a decade. Then 30 degrees above last weekend and freezing rain. Today was snow and 5 above. We are under a Winter Storm Watch for Wednesday-Thursday with 9 inches of snow and 40 mile an hour winds. Friday is a high of -1 and low of -20. I am so ready for spring.


Yes, me too!


Oh my! I couldn’t do it. My joints stiffen so bad in cold weather. I’d really be frozen :cold_face:
Try to stay warm😊


Wow :astonished: Now that is COLD!!! How do y’all work when the temperature is dangerously cold like that? Are vehicles operable in such cold temperatures?? I’m in southwest Louisiana, US. Cold to us is 30* Fahrenheit :smile: I cannot even begin to imagine -35 :cold_face:Try to stay warm and safe!!!


My daughter hasn’t been able to start her car for 4 days now. I think she’s gonna get a new battery installed today. We have block heaters in our cars, and have to keep them plugged in when it’s cold. It keeps the fluids warmism :wink: but in my daughters case, doesn’t always help the car get started. Older vehicles are definitely more sluggish.

Two of my boys work outside (pipeline locating), but they been off work since Sunday. They can’t get their snowmobiles started.

My oldest boy, who is used to snow and cold, now lives in Louisiana…he doesn’t miss the cold at all! Lol


I sure hope all you people in the extremely cold places are making temperature blankets. Talk about a colorful blanket! Y’all would have amazing blankets with the extreme changes in temperature. :grimacing:



In WA it is 9 degrees right now snow and ice cold weather bothers my bones really bad