Brown box from bountiful baby


I guess 3 Month Joseph wake n his torso was too big for the priority boxes. This the first time I’ve received kits in s regular brown box.


I order so many kits from here that I see this brown box on the regular. :grin: It’s a nice box too. Very sturdy. I save mine and use them to ship dolls.


I’m definitely gonna hod on to this box. To ship a bigger kit in. I have to pick up my packages from the leasing office. I’m always looking for the white priority boxes. Fooled me this time,


I had to laugh when I got my box. Only one kit-must be Joseph. I put him next to a mixed kit i’m working on and didn’t realize it was NB Joseph.


Oh now that’s funny! And they look so different, other than the size.


Big difference in size. He was eating good. He went from thin to chubby in 2 months.


Some thought they must have fed him cornbread, but his mom said he was exclusively breastfed, so who knows how this happened. :rofl::rofl:


Oh if she breastfeed, that’s definitely how he got so big so quick. That breast milk pumps them up.:laughing:


Isn’t Joseph Crystal’s brother?


I breastfed my kids and this never happened lol


Ive seen babies that was breastfeeding feed n was chunky. But it can happen with bottles too. I breastfeed my first. She was a lil chunky, but not like Joseph.