Brooklyn nearing completion

Well, I guess it takes me about a month to finish a doll. I wish I were faster, but I get super picky about details, and want each babe to be perfect and thoroughly detailed. I have just a bit more hair to do on her hairline, brows, and lashes. What a sweet little nugget. She is a pretty baby, and so easy to paint. I’m hoping to be done sometime tomorrow so I can focus on real life for a few weeks (we’re painting our house… and because of the rain we’ve had lately we are now into July and 100+ temps with 88% humidity - melting) I will post more pics here when I get her assembled!



She’s beautiful! Nothing wrong with taking your time! I know all about heat and humidity in Florida lol

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Her rooting looks awesome!

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Your hair is lovely,very nice.:footprints::baby:

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Definitely another hot one in Nebraska today. 103 and a heat advisory until 9 tonight. I could probably cure paint in this heat :grimacing:


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So hot here in ky also. Your Brooklyn is gorgeous. I still don’t have the Swirl down good . Yours looks great!