Brenda's trading box #2

I’m starting round 2 soon as I get the box back and restock it so please sign up now box will be go back out next week , thanks

Please PM me your

Me me me

me too please!

I loved doing the trading box. It was a lot of fun but the cost of shipping kind of ruined it for me. If it wasn’t for that I’d probably do another round. I guess I’m just cheap.

I just pm’d you with my addy

how many are in this round?

at this time I have about 5

— Begin quote from “vbfrancis”

how many are in this round?

— End quote

I have 6 sign up now anyone else ?? Have not received the box yet but should be here tomorrow so i will mail it out on Friday

I would love to join. I pm’ed you my info.

I wanna play too…pm’ing my info now…thanks

how many ladies?

8 has sign up still have till Thurday night

Anyone else

Hi Ladies I was not able to get the box in the mail yesterday had sick kids all week , There are 9 of us in this round unless someone sign-up over the weekend , I will post tracking # Monday

do you have the order the box will be traveling in.

Yip- Pee, another round

Here is the list

7- texangel
8-Neise’s Nursery

I will add the tracking # as soon as I get it in the mail today

Yea…I’m first

Yip pee, I am 2nd.

Tracking # 03082690000041397619 It was mail out monday