Breathtaking babies sent me the wrong body and?


Suzette again is not answering my emails!! It’s really strange she answers you really fast if your going to be giving her money! But if you have a problem she doesn’t answer back!!


Which baby did you buy? Was it one of the latest (Belle Jane, etc.)?


Ahhhhh, Cindy Kohlscheen has taught her well. Just keep emailing, eventually she will answer. I’d send an email about every hour, when her email is stuffed maybe she will answer then. When she does answer you’ll probably get the excuse that her email was down or she was out of the country. She has turned into so much like Cindy, it makes me want to barf.
Good luck, I hope you get it all sorted out. I’ve heard of others that didn’t get their certificates, or the bag they were supposed to get.


If you bought one of the 4 new kits, contact (I telephoned them). They contacted Breathtaking Babies for me. Here is the e-mail they sent her. I was told that they would deal directly with her.

**Dear Breathtaking Babies,

The following notes have been added to your account.
Please review this information and take corrective action, if needed by: as soon as possible.

Details: Sale Number: 4097840493
Hello, please contact client regarding this delivery status at your earliest opportunity or further action will be taken on her behalf. Thank you for your immediate attention to this request.

Thank you, Inc
1785 O’Brien Road
Columbus, OH 43228, USA
Contact us:
Customer Service:
Main Number : 1-614-921-2450
Toll-free in U.S. & Canada : 1-877-294-0273
United Kingdom : 0871-871-8283 **


I did the same thing as Ek8s…still no reply… I think Im gonna send her 408270750347056 emails too and see if she replies then.


See…this is EXACTLY why I don’t do business with RDK or it’s affiliate Breath taking babies…they have terrible customer service!!! Always have and looks like they always will…

i’m sorry you are dealing with this headache!!!


Hi,yes it is Belle Jane that i didn’t get the right body for. The really strange thing about it to is that on the back of her head it is spelled Bella but on their website it’s spelled Belle. I also emailed her about the name and never received an answer!


Susie, which body did they send you?


They sent me a 19 to 20" body with 3/4 arms and full legs but she has 3/4 legs and is at least 22 to 23" I tried putting the body on her and she looks like a gorrilla!


Well Suzette still has not answerd me!! It’s the last time i will deal with them. When i placed my order I did not know it was RDK!


I just checked the body I got with my Belle Jane and it is also 19-21 inches. Does look too small. I have ordered two bodies from this lady and she does great work, is reasonably priced and gets the bodies to you in just a few days. You may want to check it out. Good luck!


I didnt know they had anything to do with RDK either.
I still have not received my kit!


Number 318 when did you order it? I can tell you though don’t expect for them to answer your emails.


I ordered August 3rd. Yea, I already sent one email and didnt get a reply.


I had heard that the two companies were run by the same people now I am thinking this is right!! In this economy how do these companies continue to function? RDK has the worse reputation and it is getting to be known that they are affiliated with breathtaking babies. Why thse people don’t just practice good business is beyond me. I am sorry you got the wrong size body. I wouldn’t buy from either company again and I would let them know you are never buying from them again AND that you are getting the word out about their business practices and failure to respond!! Hope you get a new body soon, BB has good bodies too!!



I am so sorry you are having to deal with her. I hope it gets worked out for you.


I ordered Marley Marie on Aug. 3rd and still dont have her!! OMG what is this!? I sent her like 2 or 3 emails! If I do not get a reply soon or the kit does not get here, something will have to happen with her “business” and I will see that it does.


yep…if you go to , click on RDK Shop…you will see Petit Cherie on one of the tabs at the top of the page…that is Suzette…


I am dealingor should I say trying to deal with Cindy Kohlsheen right now. A kit was supposedly mailed on 9/2it hasn’t arrived. Cindy finally got back to me on the 16th and said she would look into it and dispatch a new kit immediately if necessary. Since then I have heard nothing. She doesn’t respond on the forum she runs nor does she answer any emails I send. I have paid her $208.70 with nothing in return. I am ready to put all these posts regarding her unethical business practices on her forum where all the members hold her in high esteem and thinks she can do no wrong. I, too, will send an email every hour for awhilesorry, she’s made me angry. I would never treat my customers this way~


The best way to light a fire under Cindy Kohlscheen is to file a complaint with the BBB.
I don’t think it would make difference to put anything on HER forum because they all think she poops gold. The best thing to do is to post a link to her rating with the BBB. A rating of “F”. The worst rating a business can get. Now she has ruined Breath Taking Babies/Artists Emporium like she did RDK.

Here is the link to the Nebraska BBB and the link to her business rating … -300029295