Brea is done, what do ya think, does she need anything?

The only thing I think she needs is to come to my house! She’s gorgeous… great job!

She is so sweet.
I don’t think she needs a thing.
Love her hair, coloring and her outfit is beautiful.

She look’s great to me. Great skin tone’s

Beautiful !!

I thought I liked her as a boy at first but now I’m glad you made her a girl. She’s so cute and her dress is gorgeous!

thank you all so much

she is a very sweet little girl

I think she is your best baby so far!

Sharon , she is beautiful, hair, skin tone, all.

Sharon, She’s a beauty. I love her coloring, Wow.

Hugs tina

She is precious. She needs to come to Vermont, that is the only thing I could think of that she needs.

thank you all so much, I might have to try some little blemishes,

No, no blemishes…she’s just perfect the way she is!


Brea is beautiful. What colors did you use?

this is some of the colors I used. I used flesh 02 and mixed just a tad of premixed blush, for one layer, and another I used flesh 02 with a tad of crease color in it, and her blush was a little premixed blush and a tad of crease color, thanks again every one,

Thank you,
I will try that with my Brea.