Boy did I ever do a big boo-boo!

I must need a break and take a week or two off from reborning. I got two kits of the same kind of doll. I was very aware to be careful to not mix up the limbs because I know how I can mess things up if I am not careful. Anyhow, today when I finished rooting the dolls hair and was starting to put it together, I realized that I had painting two left legs!!! DUH!!! So, right now I am painting the right one and matching it up. Luckily, I had plenty of left over paint mixed up in a bottle of the color I was using to paint the kit. I sure hate it when I think I made things sure and took precautions and still dummie it out!! So gals, have a laugh!

Funny to read, but not to experience... Are you stripping the extra left leg so you can do the whole other kit at one time? That is what I would do..

I’ll strip the extra leg so when I start the last kit, I will start all with the same color. I don’t want to try to match up 3 limbs and a head to one leg. It will be easier to start all over. The leg I am doing now to match up to the body is coming along fine and tomorrow morning, it will be done and the same color as the rest of the body.

I just chalk it up to “older” age. I have a check list…265/Check…timer set/Check…DO NOT LEAVE THE ROOM/Check…recheck the temp and timer/Check…Whew…no accidents this time!!!

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Why do you think I use air dry paints!!! Driving my family crazy enough with mom getting sidetracked while cooking or talking or…! Don’t know if it is the older age or the fibro fog, just know it is aggravating them as I was reminded yesterday by two of my girls. I have two daughters and a neighbor girl who is a daughter so it gets confusing to me let alone other people! Gives me a grandson though to spoil! So I have two babies to spoil, a boy and a girl! Love being able to buy baby things again!

Years ago when I was making porcelain dolls I was finishing a doll to enter in the county fair. As usual, I was right up against the deadline and working late one night to assemble her. I had her legs on, and was moving on to her arms. Put the left one on and went to attach the right one and … huh???

Well duh! I must have grabbed the wrong arm. So I took off the left one and put it on the right side and phew!! It was the correct hand. Picked up the left one to put it back on again and … oh good grief! Did I grab the wrong one again???

Uh … no. Apparently having spent about 8 weeks painting and having these parts fired … none of us realized I was painting two of the same arm. Talk about a mad scramble to get another one poured, cleaned, painted and fired!!