Box openings on Youtube :)

I am guessing that I am not the only one, but I sometimes watch reborn box openings on youtube. I will watch the disappointed ones to take mental notes on maybe what not to do or how not to ship. But, I just love these ladies reactions to seeing their reborn baby. I like to see the gifts, since it gives me new ideas, am I gifting enough or even things have not thought of. Do any of you ever go watch any reborn box opening videos?

Also, out of all my sells, only one actually did a box opening video. Others said they would and nothing. But I always got a happy thank you and they loved the baby.


I’ve watched a few. You’re right about getting ideas, etc.

Regarding your clients: Maybe your clients make videos but don’t post to youtube. Not everyone feels comfortable having their personal stuff online. At least they loved them! That’s great!


I watch box openings all the time and for the same reasons. I do get a little annoyed with the “cute little feet” part though. Oh, and the people who don’t check their cameras and you can only see half the doll. I watched one yesterday where everything the woman showed was partly cut off because she framed it wrong. I think it’s nice when people post these because it is so rewarding for the artist. I feel heartsick when a doll is criticized on the videos of poorly done reborns. I want to take the babies and fix them!


I love to watch box openings and I haven’t seen any babies criticized yet. I hope I don’t cause I think that would be awful. If they are unhappy with their baby they should let the artist know but do it privately, at least that would be the way I would handle it.

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I feel bad for the criticized box openings too, I feel bad for the buyer and the artist.

I watch them, too, from time to time. They’re great for packing and gift ideas.

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