Box opening expectation vs reality?

Here’s a cow print under $5


More under $5

Under $6


I randomly found this in Target this morning. They also have little 2 oz pots of the thick leave in creme in the travel section.




Thank you for the links! It always great to have links vs. just information :slight_smile:

The spray is cool, no mixing :wink:


Thank you for posting! Need to check my Target. Is it less than Amazon?


The small little travel size was only $2 so it’s definitely worth it if you just want to try it out. I didn’t look to see how much the big tubs were, I just grabbed the spray. I think it was 5.99? But Sally’s has it too and their prices are cheaper than that. Target online has a lot bigger selection and even a kids leave in creme that is cheaper.


So I just got mine today from amazon and the lid came off and it spilled on the inside of the box.


They will send you a new one! Just tell them. :heart:


Please be careful with the cantu. I use it in my curl hair. ( on my own head. Lol) and it leaves a film over time. I just don’t want anyone’s doll to end up with greasy residue. :heart:


Yup, I tried to do it on line but it said ‘this product is non refundable’. So I called them, they are sending me a new one.


Do you dilute it before you put it in your own hair?

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Yes. Otherwise its worse.


I don’t make dolls but I have them and sometimes give them to relatives or resell. I love making extensive box packings for them! Right now I’m reselling a sparrow by myra garza and her box packing will be huge! She’ll come with 4 or more outfits, toys, a pacifier, a pair of shoes and extras!

Are you advertising anywhere else? is a great place to sell.

Not right now. I’m planning to sell on ebay or depop probably. I’ve never used that before so I don’t know how to use it, plus it takes a fee and I’m only selling the one doll.

I have’t listed it anywhere yet so I’m letting people know here first!

I haven’t sold yet but my plan is baby in a sleeper and hat, wrapped in a handmade blanket and holding a toy. An extra outfit or two, some extra diapers and some accessories (headband, paci, bow, extra hat ect.)

All wrapped up in tissue paper and bubble wrap!

My first dolls went in a white onesie, ankle bracelet, hospital hat, and hospital receiving blanket. I also used pampers to cushion the box and a hospital type pacifier along with a thank you note/COA. I started off with the small realborns, so that makes sense. Currently I send the outfit/s the doll is pictured in, along with other outfits, and accessories. The amount and quality raise with the price of the doll. If I sell a doll way more than I was expecting to, I would send a plush blanket and high end outfit and sleeper, along with nice accessories. The lower end dolls still get around the same amount of items, they just usually aren’t as fancy (I hope that’s an okay thing to do).

Regardless I say in the listing that they’re coming with outfit and accessories pictured. As I love surprising the new parent, I keep that there will be a box opening a surprise.