Box opening expectation vs reality?


What do you include for box openings?
Do you include extras?
Just baby?
Do you wrap?
Do you offer extras?

What are your expectations when you buy a reborn?

Love to see photos


I line the box with bubble wrap.

Dress the baby in clothes that cover their arms and legs, put socks on

Swaddle the baby in a soft blanket, tie with a ribbon

Then I wrap extra outfits in light tissue paper and tie with a ribbon or put a headband around it

I put the doll in the box, then wedge the outfits and stuffed toy and extra diapers around it to fill the empty spaces

I also include a brush set if rooted and I have them available

Pacifier and pacifier clip (also in empty spaces)

I print out a birth certificate and care sheet on photo paper

I put those, the COA and a business card on the top or side (where it wont get bent)

  • I used to package a little different but… it was about $30 MORE per box to use the longer boxes… so now I use mostly 12x12x8 USPS boxes. And the longer ones for the larger dolls.

  • I will also be doing a little “more” now… I just bought a whole bunch of pretty ribbon and embellishments to use in box packaging… and I ordered thank you stickers and return labels with my nursery logo on them.


Wow that’s a lot! What percentage of your purchase price goes into box openings?


I send the doll wrapped in the blanket and tied with ribbon. I put the birth certificate and care sheet in a plastic sleeve and roll it and tie with ribbon, like a diploma :grin:, I put the baby in a plastic garbage bag and tie it. I put the pacifier in a mesh bag from the dollar tree along with magnetic bows then the extra diaper, the lovey and the extra outfit(s) in a gallon zip bag. I tell them I am sending an extra surprise item (usually a couple of things from outfits to bottles to bows, etc). I tell my buyers to expect everything sealed in plastic for safe travels. I have as a buyer received things ruined because the po dumped the packages on my porch and the rain soaked through boxes. I usually put recycled bubble wrap, foam wrap or paper shreds around everything to keep it from shifting. I don’t like to use extra packaging because I’m a tree hugger and feel terrible for using “excessive” materials.


So this is what I send with each baby without a box opening! Always a new outfit or pajamas plus onsie, diapers, pacifier or bottle, hair accessories or hat.
They are always dressed and in their blanket with printed birth certificates. Then their belongings inside.
For a box opening there is all the above plus a stuffed animal. A front carrier if wanted and extra clothing. Plus if newborn comes with hospital band.
I don’t think I actually thought about adding that to the price… I figured they’d keep coming back between the packages and the babies quality!



I dress baby in an outfit, most of the time I put a little stuffed animal in their arms to hug and wrap up in a fluffy blanket and tie with a ribbon Then lightly bubble wrapped , extra clothes and accessories get wrapped in tissue paper and tied with string, coa gets placed at the bottom of the box, I try to line the box with bubble wrap but sometimes I run out and use tissue paper, I put a magnetic pacifier in a little bag along with headbands :slight_smile: belly plate gets bubble wrapped. I’m trying to think of what else but I can’t right now


My boxes are pretty much like @jlesser the difference is that since my babies are Alternatives/Characters they will have a complete costume and themed box opening.


I think dolls should be sent with a blanket, 1 outfit, 1 sleeper, plush, magnetic paci and extra diaper. That seems like the standard.


I send mine home in a sleeper or sleep and play outfit, wrapped in a soft blanket that’s tied with ribbons around the neck and legs. I include 2 outfits and accessories to go with them-shoes, socks, hairbands/bows, comb and brush set if they have rooted hair, etc. I send a bottle and a pacifier (magnetic or prop), and usually a toy. I wrap everything in baby shower paper that I get from the dollar store. I put the birth certificate, care instructions and COA if applicable, in a large white envelope with my nursery logo on in and lay it on top. I use recycled, free packing materials. During the Fall and Winter months, when the weather is bad, I put everything inside a white kitchen size trash bag so there’s no chance of it getting wet in transit. I’ve been thinking I probably send more than necessary but my customers usually comment on what a fun box opening it was and I love shopping for baby things.


I do pretty much the same as you all, i include an extra outfit only with my most expensive reborn. I don’t add a stuffed animal, they are too expensive and I don’t think a newborn need one😋
I wrap all items including the doll in plastic bags because I usually sell around the world and don’t want to risk damages.


I get the stuffed animals and baby toys at the dollar store.


My choice is limited here but I guess I can try to find something cute. I buy my blankets there tho, they are amazing.


I buy receiving blankets, cute socks, hair accessories, bottles, sippy cups for my toddlers, pacifiers and toys at the dollar store. Sometimes they have diapers but usually not newborn size. I love that place.


You get what you see in photos, maybe one small extra like a paci clip or bracelet… if the person who bought was really nice, repeat customers I add an extra outfit or something. Basically I shoot for simple, but nice presentation.


That bear is adorable!!!


I do pretty much the same as @jlesser does. I never send any doll in the thing blanket (hospital or receiving blankets)and never use flat rate boxes, as I learn from J. Lesser. I add some pretty touches to the packaging, but overall same as Jenni.
I include several diapers, and several outfits, but not a lot. I describe everything in the listing what I plan to include to begin with and make pictures only in those outfits, so customer will not complain or be disappointed that it ‘not as pictured’.


I do the same. It’s give me an illusion that baby will not be scared to travel in that box :rofl:


Anne, You promised that you’ll start to sell your babiest ‘to the public’ at the end of May. I am passionately waiting :wink:


This box opening sounds wonderful! But I am also ok with artists who sell just the baby too.

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Dang, the doll and the box opening are gorgeous!