Bountiful BabyRealborn Presley Awake Box Opening!

Hi Everyone! Here is our box opening for our custom made Realborn® Presley Awake by Silvia Ezquerra.
Thank You Silvia!

Hope you enjoy our box opening!

Media Manager,
Bountiful Baby


Beautiful job. The “presentation box” didn’t make the trip very well wrapped in bubble wrap and paper though. The baby is the important part though and Silvia did another exceptional baby for you guys! How did the doll show do?

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She’s beautiful! I love her hair!

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Shes so beautiful!!! thanks for sharing with us all~ :revolving_hearts:

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She is a gorgeous baby!

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Wow that’s beautiful work. Sigh!. Wish I was that good. Thanks for sharing your box opening.

@pia Yes she did! Silvia does great work! The doll show went very well thank you! I will post a few photos. :slight_smile: