Bountiful Baby, Will the NEW Kinby dolls be available

Bountiful Baby, you had mentioned that you were liquidating the Kinby dolls to may way for newer versions. Will the New Kinby dolls be at the Rose Doll Show or do you know the time line of approximately when they will be coming out? My little girl just loves her Kinby babies and is really excited for the new babies to come out. Thanks so much!!!


Did you add any paint to these babies? They look absolutely adorable! I might get one for myself…

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no thats how they come straight from BB.

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Are they the same vinyl as reborn kits or are they hard plastic like most play dolls? Trying to decide if you could add to them with genesis

same vinyl and I believe at one point BB was selling them as kits on here for you to put together like they do with the piglets