Bountiful Baby Stops Counterfeiting Operation

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Bountiful Baby announced today a settlement agreement with defendants in China regarding their operation of a retail store and website known as “Reborn Baby World,” which allegedly sold counterfeit Bountiful Baby reborn dolls.

The parties’ settlement agreement requires the defendants to cease any infringing retail activities, pursuant to a permanent injunction entered by the Court, and to pay Bountiful Baby a substantial monetary settlement.

Bountiful Baby, through their attorneys at Workman Nydegger, previously filed a lawsuit alleging that the defendants sold counterfeit copies of Bountiful Baby’s original reborn dolls and copyrighted images. Bountiful Baby also alleged in the lawsuit that the defendants made false representations that they were affiliated with Bountiful Baby, and that numerous individuals were deceived by their false representations.

Bountiful Baby requested that the United States District Court for the District of Utah enter a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against further wrongful actions by the defendants, and the Court agreed.

In an order dated March 17, 2021, a United States District Judge held that Bountiful Baby was likely to succeed on its claims, finding that based on “the evidence submitted by Bountiful Baby, the court finds that Bountiful Baby is substantially likely to succeed on the merits of its copyright infringement claims.”

The Judge also held that “Bountiful Baby is suffering and will suffer irreparable harm related to reputation, market share, goodwill, and loss of customers who are unhappy because of [the defendants’] conduct and comparatively poor-quality product.”

The Judge ordered that the defendants’ retail website be shut down.

Denise Pratt, one of the co-founders of Bountiful Baby, applauded the Court’s ruling. “We appreciate the Court’s vindication of Bountiful Baby’s intellectual property rights. Bountiful Baby strives to provide the highest quality doll kits and materials; counterfeiters and fraudulent websites hurt the public and undermine confidence in our industry,” Denise said.

Nevin Pratt, Denise’s husband and a co-founder of Bountiful Baby, added: “we are pleased to see an end to these misleading activities, and thankful for the good work of our counsel at Workman Nydegger, who we recommend highly for anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy, or other intellectual property matters. We plan to use the proceeds of this litigation to fund litigation focused on consumer protection and anti-counterfeiting with Workman Nydegger and ongoing litigation matters with Snow Christensen & Martineau.”

Bountiful Baby is a privately held corporation and dba of DP Creations, LLC, which is located near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.


It’s a start


CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so glad you won.

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Hurray! I am happy to be reading this!

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Wow way to go! I hope it will put a dent in things!

That’s amazing news! Well done! I hope it’ll help!

Wonderful news thank you for sharing this with us :heart:

What a glorious victory!!!

Yay! Congrats BB :slight_smile:

Great job guys! @bbsupport
I hope you are continuing to go after more. I know sooo many more out there

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Way to go!!! Congratulations BB

Great news!!!

This brings hope! Glad for the vindication for Bountiful Baby. Hopefully this is the last domino needed to topple the scam market the world over.



Well there ya go! Right on!

I am curious how you get a company in another country to honor copyright most especially China. It doesn’t seem to be something they do or care about. By the time most products find their place in the market place they have set up shop and don’t even bother to change the packaging, the font, the copy…

I read that manufacturers honor contracts and don’t do knock off’s (assuming they are good people and want more of your business) but that doesn’t mean they can send your designs down the road for someone else to counterfeit.

I love it that BB put in the money and the work. I hope they are very successful and helps to set an example.

Thank you so much BB, I know you were protecting you interests but you are also helping so many artists.

I am glad this is happening.


Yay so happy this is great

Even though the court ruled in BB favor, I think it will be hard to enforce.


Congratulations on a successful litigation

jeanhai, it has already been enforced.



I’m so glad.

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