Bountiful Baby Sales for Sunday update for Sunday, 11/13/16

Our Realborn Kit Sale is currently going, and will end sometime during the night (Sunday night or Monday morning, but probably Monday morning before work begins).

As of the time of this writing, we only have 22 remaining Realborn Preemie Sleeping Thomas kits. Sleeping Thomas is a Limited Edition kit, and will not be restocked once they are gone. And they are nearly gone now.

Monday will be our “intermission” day, with no kits on sale, and no restocks, and no new releases.

Tuesday we are still on schedule to release Realborn Sleeping Ana. Here is a link to a page with pictures of the real baby that Ana was created from:

We were hoping to release Kenzie a few days after Ana, but right now it is looking like that will instead be a restock of “Summer Rain”, which should occur later this week.

As mentioned in all of my “heads up” prior posts and emails over the last few days, we do not plan on having many (if any) other kits go on sale this week after the current Realborn sale.

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Is Kenzie a realborn?

Sorry, my mistake. This Kenzie kit is from a Donna RuBert sculpt. My mistake.

Here is a picture of the real baby:



She is a cutie! I just thought she was a portrait sculpt!

Very neat! :heart:

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@bbsupport I am saving my money for Amelia, lol will she be restocked Tuesday or at a later date?

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I am disappointed , I have been waiting for Kenzie looks like I will just have to let that hole in my pocket burn bigger while I wait LOL .

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