Bountiful Baby Reborn Giveaway Contest

I would love to win this free kit giveaway! The ultimate in reborning kits!
I just love the realism these new kits offer!!!

I would love to bring to life any of the three sculpts, they are a magnificent creation since the One and Only was the designer of the original smile So precious and I’m sure I’ll pick up all three when available, but winning would be so grand!! It would be the icing on the cake no doubt! Here’s congratulations to whoever the winners may be, and a thank you to Nevin and Denise for the generous gifts smile

I am in love with these little bundles of joy and would feel honored to win and reborn one.

I love the Bountiful Baby kits! I would be honored to have a realborn as they look so lifelike! The babies are so cute!

Hello my name is Nina and I would love to win one of these beautiful kits because there is nothing more enjoyable than making a beautiful detailed kit and watch it come to life, I’m excited that BB is always coming up with more creative and inspiring artist to make life like dolls, thank you!

My biggest fans of my dolls are my sister and my granddaughter. My sister has been sick and I would like to make her a special baby and have been looking for the right one. I have been amazed at the pictures on Ebay of the completed babies. They are all beautiful and it would be a joy and a pleasure to reborn one for my sister.

My words cannot explain how much I would love to win this Bountiful Baby kit because I Love Bountiful Baby, this amazing Realborn kit and making Reborn dolls for therapy for myself and others. I love how Bountiful Baby has come up with this new method of creating such realistic kits. I have not seen another quite like this that perfectly resembles a newborn baby in every way. I loved this kit from the first moment I saw pictures of it so I have a forever place for it in my home and heart now. I am so thankful for this kit if I win it or not. Thank you Bountiful Baby for the opportunity to enter to win such an amazing kit that is simply beautiful. Bountiful Baby has always been my number one go to place for reborn kits and supplies.

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