Bountiful Baby Realborns® - What we mean by 'Time-Limited Edition'

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Bountiful Baby Realborns®

We have many people that have asked about the availability of our Realborn Kits, if they are limited or if they will come into stock again once they are sold out? We call our Realborn kits ‘Time-Limited Edition’ kits and what we mean by that is:

The planned edition size for each of our current Realborn editions is 1500, but will vary somewhat due to variances in manufacturing (for example, to allow for defect removal during inspection), or to allow a reserve allotment for the use of our Customer Service department for needed replacement parts.

A signed Certificate of Authenticity (personally signed and numbered by Master Artist and Bountiful Baby Co-Owner, Denise Pratt) will accompany each First Edition Realborn. The certificate will be numbered with this pattern: number/1500… e.g., 201/1500, 202/1500, 203/1500, etc.

Of any Realborn edition that is released, there are no specific plans for subsequent editions to be released, but some of the Realborns might have a “modified” subsequent edition release some number of years later (around two years or so between editions). If this happens, changes will be made in some way to what is offered in the subsequent edition release to differentiate those from their First Edition counterparts.

And because of the possibility of a “modified” subsequent edition release around two years or so later, we are calling our Realborns Time-Limited Editions rather than simply Limited Editions. For example, Presley Asleep will be limited to 1500 for the time period of 2014/2015 with the possibility of additional editions of Presley Asleep in 2016 or later.

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Bountiful Baby

Guess we will just have to be one of the first 1500. Will there be a set time and day that ordering will be opened?

That is to little amount for Sleeping Presley he’s the one everyone wants the most. This is not my idea of time limited what’s been advertised.
@EmilyBB Is there going to be a limit to how many kits a person can buy. The reason I’m asking is Tinkerbell UK has per-orders. That may make someone not get a kit.

That’s what i would like to know.

I would like to know if people will be limited to the amount they can purchase also. 1500 is not that large of an edition and I can see them being sold out quite quickly with people ordering quite a few and then selling them to make a profit.


Yeah, I was under the impression that time limited meant dates, not number of kits.

I get so darn tired of having to compete to just get a nice kit I would love to reborn. Now Bountiful Baby has joined the limited edition group where everyone is unhappy and has to fight to even get one of the kits. This is getting very old in a huge hurry. I have been watching more for the people that release their sculpts giving us at least a day or two to order before they are taken down. Many people work or have to be away from their phones or computers when the preorder time comes around so have to miss out every time because of this.