Bountiful Baby - Realborn® Kyrie, by Jacqueline Kramer, on eBay!


Good Evening!

We are excited to share our newest Realborn® prototype with you! We have another incredible Kyrie prototype, who was so perfectly reborn by Master Artist, Jacqueline Kramer. Jacky’s attention to detail is absolutely breathtaking, you must check out her auction for yourself! You can find her auction here (and bid to make her yours if you wish): Kyrie Auction

This happy little girl will melt you! Kyrie has an adorable, sleepy little smile. Her kit comes with full limbs and is about 19 inches long when completed.

Kyrie’s auction is also featured on our home page now: BountifulBaby


Bountiful Baby


Now this version is absolutely beautiful! :heart: Need her! :slight_smile:


@bbsupport @EmilyBB and whomever the powers that be…
This baby is very pretty but …

THIS FACE!!! OH I so wish you produce her in THIS FACE !!!


It’s long sold out, but marita winters made a kit like this called Wee Yawns


Yes!! Oh my goodness yes! I love a variety of facial expressions. This one would be perfect!


Wish I knew about reborns back then! Lol that kit is perfection! :slight_smile:


I know and I had this kit but sold it to buy my precious dog Reggie. I have never been able to find the kit again since then. I been searching for something like it ever since.


Mini yawns is still available

This little cute yawner is coming out soon

And Evie by Linda Murray


Yea, Mini Yawns is too little for me.
I do have the new Lil Yawns on pre-order

Still would like a Realborn yawner…


Me too. :grinning: