Bountiful Baby Realborn® Clyde Asleep is Available Now!

Hi Everyone,

We would like to announce that Clyde Asleep is NOW AVAILABLE on our website!

Clyde asleep is one of our first Open-Edition Realborn® kits; he will not be limited to a 1500 edition size. Our Open-Edition Realborns will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and they will still have the option of being purchased either with or without our specially designed Realborn® Box.

Also, because Clyde Asleep is an Open-Edition kit, his price is much lower than our time-limited Realborn® kits.

Click HERE to get Clyde Asleep Now!

Bountiful Baby


I’m starting to think BB has an inside link to my wallet and knows exactly when I have enough to release a kit…lol.


Can’t wait until next week so I can buy him!

I want to see Clyde awake!!!

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@nikkiroc Me too! I want twins!

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Me too!!! I love making twins!:smiley::kiss::baby:t3::baby:t2:

I’ve never made twins, But these two will be keepers! I already have names picked out for them

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Are there any pics of Clyde awake yet? So far, Clyde in my fav!

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I also like Clyde, but he is only 18 inches! So “preemie”?

OMG! I want a SMILING Clyde asleep! Did you see that picture?

Nikki, I PMd you.

OMG he’s gorgeous! Great price too!

I agree, I wish he was a 20 incher

Ok looking!

I don’t think 18 inches is that bad. He still fits in newborn clothes, So I don’t know why it’s so bad that he’s only 18 inches not 20 or bigger :confused:

I answered:-) your the greAtest! Yes please!!

@EmilyBB, Clyde’s body is the 17inch Thomas body?

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I prefer the 18-19 in. Something about them just makes them so snuggly!

But Clyde is 18 inches, So he’s in the 18-19 inch range? I prefer babies this size too.

For some reason he reminds me of my new grandson, so I MUST have him. Getting ready to place my order. :grinning: