Bountiful baby mohair help

So I am looking for good quality hair for one of my ethnic dolls and I have seen many people say they love this brand. I looked at the only review and they said it was bad and bled. I don’t mind spending $70 on hair if it’s good

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I haven’t used it, but Babylocks is supposed to be good. Ruby Red isn’t real high quality. I don’t use it any more. I just got some great hair from HairForDollsRU on Etsy. It’s high quality, looks as advertised, and very inexpensive. It just takes a few weeks to get it because it comes from Russia. I’ll definitely be ordering more from her.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

You can get some slightly wavy premium quality mohair from Hunny buns nursery for 20$ and its totally worth the price :grinning:. It roots very well and easy. This hair will be perfect for ethnic/african american reborn babies because it curls up really nicely when you wet and style. I had rooted a african american baby with that hair and it turned nice and realistic looking and I had good results and the end. I have pictures of her but I have to find them later. Here’s the link to Hunny buns nursery hair: Good Luck!!:+1: :grinning: :smiley:

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Aww man, I was thinking about trying that Bountiful Baby mohair one day, but I guess I won’t since from what everyone is saying about it. I definitely don’t want it if it’s going to be ruining my dolls with the dye bleeding! :anguished:. But it’s okay I could try other places to get high quality mohair from.:+1: :smiley:
I got tired of using the ruby red galleria. I started to want some mohair with high quality to it.

That baby is so cute!!:grinning: Did you make him?

Dolls by Sandie has curly black mohair. There is some waste, but I liked the end result. I do not care for HP Babylocks. I will not buy it again.

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Thank you so much I’ll definitely go take a look at that hair and would love to see the doll you made. I did paint this little guy

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Ok, thanks!:grinning:

@Harmie I have never had any bleeding with HP Babylocks. I don’t buy mine from BB, I buy from the supplier Heike Politz (she also makes kits). I love her hair its silky soft and easy to root.