Bountiful Baby HALF PRICE Memorial Day Sale!

Hi Everyone!

We just received (on Saturday morning) a new container of kits and plates-- just in time for Memorial Day! And, this container is FULL of kits and plates that were previously out of stock.

To celebrate, we are having a special (but limited) half price Memorial Day Sale on those specific items. You will see all of them prominently displayed on our home page:

And here is the list of our Memorial Day Sale items!:

Londyn (20" Kit) – item #7659
Bella (17.5" Kit) – item #4448
Heather (22" Kit) – item #7215
Sadie (18" Kit) – item #3591
Lane (19" Kit) – item #7311
Leah (19" Kit) – item #7297
Sweet Pea Awake (23" Kit) – item #7393
Rosebud (14.5" Kit) – item #5778
Hailey (28" Kit) – item #332
Lilly (20" Kit) – item #3043
Tanner (20" Kit) – item #2978
Chanel (20" Kit) – item #1187
Kimi (19" Kit) – item #8601
Tayla (16" Kit) – item #2973
Aubrey (20" Kit) – item #3033
Ginger (20" Kit) – item #6152

LARGE BIRACIAL Belly (Tummy) Plate, by Tasha Edenholm – item #2635
Back Plate, by Donna RuBert – item #4459
Male REALBORN Full Front Plate – item #2148
Male Front Belly Plate, by Donna RuBert – item #4460

But, we are only putting 29 of each of these items on sale (for May 29th). And when/if those 29 of each item are sold during this sale, that item likely won’t be restocked for another two to four weeks.


Because it normally takes us that long to inspect a container of kits. But we wanted to do something for Memorial Day, before they were inspected.

Also, since they aren’t yet inspected, any order that includes the above sale items will be delayed a couple of days before shipping, to give us time to inspect the ones we are shipping out for this sale. So please be patient for shipping on these sale items, and expect about a two day shipping delay!

If you have been waiting for any of these previously out-of-stock items, our Memorial Day Sale is the time to buy! When these items become restocked again (after inspection), it may be a few weeks out, plus they will be restocked at regular price. So, Memorial Day is the day to grab your kit, while it is still available, and on sale at HALF PRICE!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Rosebud is already sold out !?? or It will have more tomorrow on the 29th?

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IDK. I saw that, too. Must be Murphy’s law. That’s the only one I wanted. lol

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I just wanted Ginger and she disappeared from my cart.


Ginger and Rosebud are back. Run! Hahaaa. @jeanhai, @heartstringsnursery, @joyce_angel1

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Thank You !! I was too late today and too soon last night I guess … lol

She’s gone again.

I missed out! Wasn’t fastest enough. They sold like lighting!