Hey girls where do u find your crochet booties and dresses?


There are some on under accessories. And lots on Etsy. I know some ladies here make them but not sure if they make to sell?


You may need to invest in a loom. :wink::slightly_smiling_face::laughing: I still make a few small things.


Ok thanks


I learned how to crochet last month so I’m all set in the bootie department :joy:


That is EXCELLENT work for a beginner!


Personally, I make mine. But I do not make them in a quantity that I could sell any. I am sure there are others on this board who crochet and sell their work. Also, sewing is a great way to get the beautiful dresses, etc. I plan to make matching dresses for my “quads” (at least I call them that) Cookie, Cuddles, Ladybug and Kitten. I think they will wear bigger clothes and it would probably cost too much to purchase nice dresses to match for them. So, since I love making my own dress as I go, I think I will try to make those. Of course, my health prevents me from doing as much as I used to.


Love the rainbow ones.


@Jacelyn5440 I can’t wait to see the quads in matching outfits, that will be so cute! I am doing Quads too but I’m painting Tibby, Tessa, Taylor and Stinker next year.


Awwww… you have stinker before he was discontinued. I thought he was so cute, but I came a long too late to get him, and I understand it is hard to find a kit to purchase from anyone. :slight_smile: The “Quads” of mine will be a while yet. I have not felt that I am up to painting for at a time yet, and I would want to paint them at the same time to hopefully get some kind of skin tone match. :slight_smile: I have a lot to learn.


No, I just found his head a couple of months ago by chance it just popped up on my screen, when I was looking for him after months and months, lol. That was divine intervention.