Bonnie brown prototype contest, participating?


This is Bonnie’s decision on choosing the prototype artist not MacPherson’s
hUgs B


I noticed that the end date says April 2017. Is this a typo and should be 2018??


All the other places say 2018. I think it was one that they planned on doing last year when it released but there was issues with the release date being postponed so I assume they had to wait then got sidetracked… but decided they still wanted to do it. So they are doing it this year.

(I could be wrong though)


that is supposed to be May 31 2018…so it was not changed properly. we had planned long ago to launch this and we had to push it back.
Thank you for pointing this out as we have now gone in to change it. Sorry for any confusion.


thank you!!! we seem to be getting better at getting the parcels out the door these days!!
I hope I did not just jinx it LOL


Also to add … you are absolutely correct it is a fun thing to find new talent and various skills and to see the different interpretations of Ellie Sue.
thank you for seeing it exactly how it was intended!!!


This sounds like so much fun! I bought an Ellie Sue a while back but have been holding off doing her! Now I’m motivated!


Ellie Sue is here. She is beautiful. I love her vinyl. Her fingers feel great. I hope it is easy to work with. The only complain I have is the body that came with her. The body is round. She looks like hompty dumpty. :laughing:


I love a round body!!! LOLOL looks cute! But maybe in person not as cute. Can’t wait to get mine.


You are going to love her. Her details are amazing.I just gave her a bath. Her vinyl is so soft. I love how she feels, but I think I’m going to get her another body. If she had chunky limbs it would be different.


She just came in the mail today. I hope she turns out alright. This is definitely not the vinyl I’m use too. We will see.