Bonnie brown prototype contest, participating?


It said the winner with get a prototype opportunity


It also says the kit can be bought from anywhere and you can enter a reborn you completed in the past.


There used to be declaration that ALL of the Ellie Sue kits have problems and therefore are sold as 2nd grade. The way I understood it, they were about $10 cheaper than normal Bonnie kits. Unless she had a new batch released?


Ughhhh, I wish I knew this before purchase. I’ll just try to make the best of it.


McPhersons are just reborn supplies shop, they do not commission prototypes; the artist sculptor decides who will make their prototypes.
It still has this:
“Due to the high standards of Bonnie Brown … her & the producers offered a discount to the dealers to compensate
We are passing this on to each Ellie Sue purchase in the form of a 10.00 gift card
We are also sending you a free sample of a product we love to use on the Spanish Vinyl
We will send instructions & you may try it at your own discretion”

It does not say why they need to compensate; sorry I do not remember what it said before. I just thought that $10 gift voucher and some paints I do not need is not much of a compensation.


It was because Bonnie used a new company to pour the kits and the vinyl was a bit of a challenge to paint. MacPherson’s offered a discount and the product to overcome the difficulties. I think the contest by @MacPhersonCrafts is a fun opportunity to enter a competition and while it might sell a few kits, it is done as an opportunity for new artists to show their skills!


I am not crazy about the kit but this seems like too much fun. I love Bonnie Browns babies so it can’t be too bad. I think I will have to join in…Gotta sell another baby…


Yay Angela…join the fun :slight_smile:


Of course we like to see as many variations as possible for Ellie Sue
This is not a “MacPherson” thing to sell Ellie Sue kits or we would not have allowed a kit already purchased and can be from any dealer you so chose … whether already done or completed in the future.
We spoke about doing this many many months ago & we are late launching it.
Read into it what you will but our intentions are simply to see several artistic variations of Ellie Sue and yes we have a lot of her but we also purchased a lot of Saskia, Levi, Scarlet etc. Ellie Sue is so darn unique and it will be interesting to view the different versions of her!!
It has been evident for a long time you are not a fan of ours…I do wish you all the best :slight_smile:
hUgs Brenda XOXOXO


no they are not second quality…they are the same from the beginning…
the Spanish vinyl needs to be thoroughly cleaned and it is slippery vinyl but once you get used to it it is really lovely to paint. Some of you might remember what the Berengeurs produced in Spain were like to paint?? This is very similar to that.
hUgs Brenda


Lol, I hope my kit comes soon. They are usually super fast, I hope I can do the baby some justice. Lol. She can tag along to the doll show when finished. :slight_smile:


thanks for tagging me Pia!!!
yes it is a fun thing and Bonnie will be using the winner to do a prototype


thanks Jeepers…I think the rules are very reasonable
We want it to be for everyone and make it a fun thing for sure!!!.


So many wonderful artist, how will she choose. It’s fun just seeing all the babies. I do have a question, how do we know how big our pictures are? Will it flag us if too big?


good question…yes I do believe it will let you know but I will double check when I am back to work on Monday with the tech person. you all have until the end of May so take your time and enjoy!! :wink:


if you are talking about us (at MacPherson’s) we are really caught up just now other than holidays setting us back a little bit but things are flowing quite well. Should not take more that a few days once it leaves if within North America.


yes the winner will get a prototype with Bonnie! :slight_smile:


That’s what I was thinking also.


You all are always super fast, I appreciate that.


Thank you @MacPhersonCrafts for answering all of our questions and clearing things up.