Bonnie brown prototype contest, participating?


Are any of you participating? It’s the Ellie Sue kit. I’m tempted but have a lot on my plate right now. It’s being held through Macphersons. The rules look totally reasonable!


I might do it. I’d sure like to.


Maybe, I hadn’t heard of it til now but I was planning on buying Ellie Sue as my next kit anyway… Not sure though, I’d love to but we’ll see how things go


I don’t feel confident enough for a serious competition and I need a camera, but I would be entering for my kids. My son told me that even if I don’t think I could win, I should still try my best and be a good example for them. I don’t know when my baby became so wise, but he kind of parent me a little. So I’m in. I like the kit. I wasn’t planing to spend all that money after just getting Camilo, but what the heck now I have an excuse to make another one of the kits I like. I already bit all my nails and the kit is no even here. :sweat: I’m so nervous I feel like I’m taking a text.


I love trying but the there are soooo many fabulous artist out there. Especially on this forum. I wanted to get her but I don’t know. April will be here soon.


I got the email about it day before yesterday. It sounds like a lot of fun. I know darn well my skills are top notch, but who cares lol. I’m taking your son’s advice too. I figure if I’m going to be painting anyway, why not enter my finished product in something. I used to be totally freaked out about even entering the artist of the month competitions, but I enter them now (when I remember to get my photos in on time). We’ve all got to start somewhere :slight_smile:


Yay we are doing this. :dancer::dancer::dancer:


They will be beautiful!!!


I hope others from the forum join too


I caved. I’ll be with you.


How often does something like this come around? And is there a prize?


Why is it a “prototype” contest? This kit has been released last year?
Sounds like the kits are not selling and McPhersons are trying to move them. I believe they are all seconds with problems.


I was thinking the same thing!


I sent an email asking, cause I was confused too. I’ll let you know when I hear back :slight_smile:


I wondered about the prototype part too, but do you think they’d be selling seconds for the same price as the 1st kits? That’s not cool


Maybe they’re not seconds. They might be doing it as a prototype contest to find someone to do a future true prototype.


That’s where I landed, based on nothing in particular though


Her other kits sell out, that kit didn’t. Probably first quality just didn’t sell.


I hope so, because that would be pretty sucky if they were selling second quality kits at 1st quality prices. I’m guessing they’ll still send the gift card and base paint with the kits.


Look, I’m still ticked about the 100 I spent on rebecca and she was absolutely terrible. She had a bad arm, holes in hands and feet. I will have a fit if this kit is not close to perfect.