Boiling limbs


Ok, I bought a Khloe Marie kit from Bebaby in Italy (Im in Europe) and she came with some flaws on her arm. I had to send several messages and they finally answered me and asked me to bake her arm or to boil it. They gave me the temp and time for baking but Im not putting vinyl in my home oven so I suppose I have to boil it, unless I should use my convection oven? Anyway the time they gave me is “some minutes” ??? Already having troubles due to the language barrier so I thought Id ask here to see if anyone has boiled baby parts before LOL and if so how do you do it and how long?
I am going to wait to do so until the answer my message that asks if I do boil her arm and it doesn’t work, can I send it back and will they send me a new kit? If so then Ill be willing to try. Here are the pictures that show the flaw. You can not feel it from the inside and I suppose it could have been squashed but its odd looking.


That’s odd and I don’t think heating it would help much but maybe I’m wrong. I’ve never boiled the parts directly, I always boil water and pour it inside but I doubt that would be sufficient for this type of defect.


I’ve boiled squashed parts in a deep pot with a towel around the part so it doesn’t touch the hot metal. it pops the dents right out. I left it in for about 8 minutes (gentle boil). I did it once to change the shape of a nose. You can try it but that looks like a flaw in the vinyl. You might have to return it for a replacement part. It also looks like it goes pretty far up her arm. If boiling doesn’t work you might be able to sand it smooth. It doesn’t look very deep. Is it just the light or is that section of vinyl a different color than the rest of it?


I have no problem sending it back but the shop wants me to try and boil or cook it. I think it looks like a flaw as well and it does go up the arm and it also goes a bit down the forearm on the other side. It could have been smashed but I don’t think boiling or cooking will work either but if they want me to do it and will still give me another kit if it doesn’t work than I guess I can try.


I’ve boiled a few vinyl pieces before. I let the water come to a gentle boil and placed the piece into the water for maybe 2-3 minutes. I used tongs and held it so it wouldn’t touch the sides, but allowed it to be completely submerged so that the vinyl filled with water.


You can just pour boiling water inside and it should pop up. BUT careful do not spill the boiling water on yourself. Also, I would try to look inside making sure there are no cracks in the vinyl. The lines look very deep. Is the hole big enough to shine a torch in?


Yes, Ill look inside, thank you ladies :slight_smile:


You are so sweet and probably the only one that would be kind enough to post this :relaxed:


So…I boiled her arm and most of the indentation came out, what is left is minimal and I can no longer feel it so Im going to keep her. Its nice to know this works for the next time I have some problem. My Jennie asleep kit had a smashed leg and I had to paint her while stuffed with polyfil, next time Ill just boil.


Laura Lee sends these out with her kits. Sorrry for the glare. I couldn’t find anyplace for the pic that didn’t give me one.


I tried to hold the arm in the pot with tongs while it boiled but I was afraid Id drop it, or squeeze it too hard. Due to my disease my hands are not always reliable, my fingers easily pop out of place and I also just have a serious case of the dropsies, it took me a long time to learn how to hold baby parts while painting. I did exactly what this says, I took it off the burner and put the arm inside, made sure it filled up with the water, and let it sit there for a couple minutes. Thanks for posting this for me…good to know I did it right :slight_smile: