Body with 1/4 limbs


I’m thinking about ordering this body from MacPherson for an Ashton Drake doll I am making some changes to. They added pictures of the body today after I asked and I am afraid that the legs are attached at an odd angle - too close to the back. Has anyone bought this body that could give me their thoughts? I’d hate to spend the money and not like it when it arrives; I prefer full limbed babies and it would never get used.


What does it look like from the back?


I don’t know, this is the only picture. That’s why I am trying to see if anyone has gotten it before.


Irresistables has some but I think the legs on theirs are too far apart. I think this one might work. Once it’s dressed it should look fine. I don’t like it when the legs stick straight out from the sides. It doesn’t look natural to me, especially when you pick the baby up and the legs stay in that position.


Is it the angle of the picture or do the legs look more like half than 1/4?