Body plates

When using just a front plate how do you tie it on? Also would the turkey roasrer. r that was mart sells work to bake doll parts?

I have heard of people using a turkey roaster, but I would be afraid that the temperature would be uneven. You are better off getting an oven.

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I use ribbon to tie front plates on. I’ve used a turkey roaster for years. It’s a Hamilton beach. But I keep an oven thermometer in and monitor it. Mine stays steady in temp but my mom picked up an off brand roaster and her temp varied wildly and she took it back. I can’t attest to Hamilton beach being steady however because mine is many years old, and maybe I just lucked out. When I started reborning years ago there were no nu waves so roasters were used so the home oven wasn’t. If you go with one be sure the first and only thing you put in it is a thermometer until you know it holds true and steady temps. And use a glass pan to keep the vinyl off the bottom. I line my glass pan with a cloth diaper. But don’t put anything cloth in until you know your temp and your roster or it may catch on fire. Don’t rely on the temp on the dial. Use the thermometer. And keep it in when reborning just so you can keep track of the temp. Keeping close track of the temp is important no matter what you use to bake in.


I don’t tie the belly plates on; I just tuck them in the diaper.


A couple of us have bought Magic Chef convection ovens from Home Depot on line.
They work fine with built in timer and have the extender with them They look like the Nuwave just different color. . but use a thermometer as 2 of us the temp has to be set at 300 to go to 250
. At Christmas they were just $33 on sale i think online free shipping but someone said they are higher now .