Bodies on sale

All bodies are sold. Thanks everyone.

I’m taking inventory and have decided to offer some of my bodies at a lesser price. Prices and sizes are on the picture. Price does NOT include shipping. Most will ship in the US for $4. Pm me if interested in any.

Brown bunny is sold
Mermaid is sold
Blue cuddle body is sold
White sheep print body and bonnet is sold



I would love to have the brown bunny cuddle body!

I would like the mermaid body at $ @RoseannsBoutique

Omg! I love the mouse. I wish I had a head.

My invoice has not come.

I resent it, make sure I’ve got this correct

You left out the a on yahoo

Ok, see if it went through because it says yahoo. Let me know, if you still don’t get it then here’s my ID

It’s not mine. I just noticed the mistake.

Paid,thank you!

Good morning, your mermaid body is in the mail. Here’s your tracking number

Do you still have the mouse?

Thank you!