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Help, although I have not introduced myself I have been on this forum for months gathering information. Anyway I’ve seen how helpful everyone is to each other so I thought it time to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Pat and I’m new to reborning. Almost sounds like an AA meeting I’ve never been but this hobby or business for some is addictive. Here’s my problem I have put many layers on my baby and is seems like the blushing just disappears.I’m using genesis paints thin layers but I’m just not seeing much color. Any thoughts on something I’m doing wrong? As soon as I figure out how too put a picture on here with my iPad I will.

Welcome. This is a fun and helpful forum. Yes, many of us are addicted, myself included, but it’s a harmless addiction (unless you spend the mortgage money on doll kits). I use air dry paints, but I have read on here that putting a sealer on first will help keep so much of the color from being absorbed by the vinyl. You could try that or wait for advice from someone who uses Genesis.

I am new to reborning too, but I have found that when the blushing isn’t showing up for me it’s usually because I added to much paint thinner and not enough paint. I have also found that I tend to dab almost all the paint off my sponge before I apply it to the baby that I am working on. Others may have more options for you.

Do a layer of matte varnish before you start to paint your doll. This will seal the vinyl somewhat and allow it to take better. I have heard some people say it’s okay to put the matte on at the point where you are and then just go on, but I have never tried that.

If you just keep on adding layers, eventually it will stay anyway, and you will be rewarded with lots of depth to your skin tones. It can be frustrating, but patience is the name of game when you’re reborning.

Thank you ,do you like the air dry paints better than genesis heat set? I have so much money in them I really can’t afford to switch.

I started with air dry and continue to use them. I really like them because I don’t have a lot of patience for paint, bake, cool, paint again, 10-30 times. With the air dry, by the time I get done with the 4th limb the head’s ready for the next layer. So, if I’m really into it, I can finish the painting in a day or two. They do take a little longer to fully cure. I usually don’t sell mine for at least a month, just to be on the safe side. I haven’t ever used Genesis.They are an expense, but from what I’ve heard they go a looong way.

Hi Pat, welcome to the forum, nice to have you with us. I too have had the “disappearing paint” it is really frustrating. Just keep going and you will finally get there. Try adding just a little more paint to your mixture. Also I think this is a common problem on the pale newer vinyl from BB. Don’t give up. I am like you, I sometimes would like to try the air dry but have way too much money in the GHSP to even think about changing. Good Luck.

welcome to the family
this is a great place with alot of helpful people
some kits jsut take longer and the varnish trick usually does work well

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mine is ok after I put, but become lighter after baked, then more lighter again after hours and days WITHOUT playing the doll…

Sometimes certain vinyls will “suck up” the paint…I just keep adding more layers…

until I get the depth of color I’m looking for!!

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Thank you ladies, I think I was just getting frustrated. Years ago I did porcelain dolls and I remember painting with any of the red colors always would burn off when fired in the kiln. So I’m thinking this is the same principle. Not as high of heat of course but reds don’t like heat.

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