Blue all over help!


So my neighbor bought a Hailey baby for one of her kids awhile back. Today, she got sat on and her head cane off. No biggie. I said I’ll fix her. Well I got her and she has blue all over her fingers and toes. I used a magic eraser. That got some off, but there’s still A LOT! She didn’t say anything to me about it. But I messaged her to see if she wanted me to try and get it off. You guys think there’s anything I can try? Here are some pics


Oh no, I can’t help. Is that from blue jeans I wonder? Hope someone can help you!


I have no clue. :confused:


It honestly looks like the dye from blue jeans. I hope there is a way to fix it! :frowning_face:


Oxy zit cream can get blue off. But thats a lot.


Ah, that looks like blue dye!
One of my dolls has it too, he was wearing dark blue pants with white tights underneath. But he was sitting and I didn’t think about his hand resting against it.
If you do get them off, maybe also warn the people about fabric dye.


Use the Oxy cream… it will most likely all come off. Might take a few days and applications though.


Try the zit cream. Ive had good luck with it in the past.


Thank you! How do I do it? Just leave it on the spots a few hours?


I haven’t done it personally but hear it takes a few applications. Sunlight helps


Yes what Jenni said. Apply a layer and let it sit in the sun. Keep an eye on it though. It might take more then one application. Mine took a few.


The Oxy is a miracle, seriously. Thank goodness for this site. The last baby I did… I noticed one morning the ears nose forhead all badly discolored… talk about panic attack… wtf. Dawned on me the night before I had rooted extra spots in his head while wearing new black leggings and didnt use the pillow. So I searched her and found the cure. Put the cream all over, left him on the window sill and wiped it off day and half later and all the black came off.


It looks like some one colored the nails with marker.


That’s ghsp requested by my cute neighbor lol


Oh, OK