Bloomers N Bows Elena Is very sick

This was posted on Dollchatter so I am passing it along

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I NEED YOUR HELP. Elena with BloomersnBows is very, very sick and is going in for emergancy surgery. She won’t be able to do anything with the business for at least two weeks, including filling any current orders. Can you please include her in your prayers and Help me get the word out by posting on any other doll forums you belong to, this is by her request.
Thank you so much!

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oh thats too bad i hope she will get better soon, i really like her i have dealt quite a bit with her and her store and she has always been really good at getting things out to me fast and reasonable. i wish her well, and will be thinking about her, marlene

[size=14]Dear Lord touch Elena and heal her in the name of Jesus!Amen[/size]

Awww, I am so sorry to hear that. She will be in my prayers