Blonde moment


Okay I had a serious blonde moment. It was bad enough that a week ago I was talking to my hubby on
my cell phone, walking down the stairs and complaining that I left my phone upstairs and I am running out of time. All stressed out about not having time to run back up stairs to find where I left it. He says “ aren’t you talking to me on it?” :rofl:.
So I am painting my second layer of paint, when I see this big bump, bulging spot on the shin. I mentally have a freak out moment, “Oh no it must be one of those air bubbles in the vinyl! What do I do” I decided I would not bake it again until I looked on the forum on what can be done. I also thought I better take a photo to share in a thread if need be. So here is my pic…

I was the end of the paint brush handle I was using to make it easier to hold and paint :rofl:


Lol…girl we all have moments like these.


That sounds like something that could have happened to me, haha.


Lol, could have been me though :blush:


Lol oh my…your to funny!!! The scary part is, that I can see myself doing that too lol


I have done all of this, @Reefbubbles! Looking for my phone while it’s in my hand, looking for it while talking on it, looking for my keys whole holding them. Even this. I have done the exact same thing with a stick and wondered why there was a bump and/or dark spot.

Welcome to the club.:rofl:


This club we belong to, it sure keep you humble :rofl:


I am so happy to not be crazy all by my lonesome, I have great company :heart:


Sounds like it could have been me


I do stuff like this, too. Usually it is my glasses, and they’re on my face. :grin: I’ve done that with my phone before, too.


Ive done both and like @ECNRebornBabies, looking for my glasses when they are on my face. Wondering where something is when its in my hand…brain fog!


Wish I could say its a blond moment but for me its old age :rofl:


It’s scary how many Senior, for me moments I have. It probably extends way beyond moments. :joy:


Oh my too funny :joy: I have lots of those moments


I don’t think I want to join this club. You guys can keep it exclusive. LOL




@Reefbubbles You are not alone. I scared like this myself too. And now I know that I am not alone also! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I seriously thought I was alone in this incident, you all are making me feel better lol


You are definitely not alone. I look for my phone while holding it and look for my glasses while I’m wearing them, all the time. I even once got in my car, push the button to start it, and then sat there freaking out because I thought I left my keys in the house. (You can’t push to start your car without the keys IN the car.) lol.


So the brain fog has been heavy in your area too :joy: