Blocking zero feedback on ebay?

For the last two babies I listed, I got several 0 feedback members asking for a free doll. Different user name but same message each time “Would you donate a doll to me. I have asbergers (yes that’s how they spelled it) and I am autistic, and have anxiety and the doctor said having a reborn to care for would help me. So would you please give one to me for free?”.
Is there anyway to block these messages or do I just have to deal with it?


She uses different names because she keeps getting called out for it. She has messaged me every time I list one. I was told her real name is Heather Weber. She told me her doctor wants her to get one, so being a smarty pants I told her to send me the prescription and insurance information. Never heard back after that.


:rofl: My husband told me I should ask for the prescription.

I told her eBay was a selling site and to try Walmart. I was sure they would donate a doll to her. I also told her she needed to learn to correctly spell her disorder. She sent a nasty reply. It is so aggravating.


If she / he really has autism then had a budget given to spend for this kind of things that really helps them .
I had once a local girl coming over and she said they would buy to her . I asked her social worker contact me and I dealt with that professional person who paid with a check etc . It was all legal and we were both safe .


I should have added that I have been told that people have given her many reborns and she sells them as soon as she gets them.


I have received the same message. :expressionless:

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Got it twice.


Tell her to have her doctor buy one for her.


I’ve seen that exact message all over Facebook. Whoever it is never spells Aspergers right and seems to copy and paste the exact same message over and over. As a mom of a son with Aspergers, I’m tired of seeing all these people online who try to use it to get free stuff, or as justification for being a cyber bully. The real people with Aspergers rarely play the victim this way. :rage:


Her name is Heather Weber. She’s listed all over scam groups on FB for sending these messages to tons of eBay sellers then cussed them out when they said no.
She had tons of accounts.
She also has been caught selling reborns not to long ago. So she doesn’t “need” one, she gets them and sells them a few days/week later.


If you sell on ebay…you can set it in your account profile under your account…site preferences…seller preferences…buyer requirements.

You can choose to block bidders with a certain number or less of feedback.

I have it set…but sometimes those zeros will slip through some kind of crack…GRRRRR


Amen! My son is a high-functioning, diagnosed just after the DSM removed the Asperger’s diagnosis. I believe he’s an Aspee, like my several cousins who have it. It’s disgusting how these scam-minded people want to abuse those labels to get something for free. Same on them!


Yeah. What if they REALLY had the disorder. In my opinion, if you just NEED a doll to dress and play with, you can buy fairly realistic dolls at Walmart, etc. I have some that I let my grand daughter play with. Once we were shopping and I had the doll above the real baby in the stroller. Cute dress, etc. The man asked about that baby on top. :slight_smile: At any rate, it is not so much the realistic aspect of the doll, it is just the doll to cuddle. At least that is my idea of it.

Speaking of removing the diagnosis, I don’t understand why they did that. There is such a broad range of autism. Aspergers needs its own name. My 23 year old is extremely high functioning. He was diagnosed at 5. My 10 year old has lots of symptoms. But because he had no language delay as a toddler, he does not fit the new criteria. The doctor even said he fits the Aspergers descriptions, but they don’t diagnose that any more. Both of the boys were speaking in full sentences at 10 months old. So why does one fit into the autism spectrum, but the other one doesn’t? My oldest has gotten so much help and still does as an adult. He was given all the tools he needed to grow into an extremely successful adult. My 10 year old deserves those same tools. Luckily, we are now at a school that meets the needs of each child with or without a diagnosis. So he’s getting a lot of the same help. But that’s only because this school district focuses on every individual child and their individual needs. The teachers see the Aspergers traits in Raymond and they deal with them the same as they would if he did have a diagnosis.


Thank you! That makes sense.

I absolutely agree with you. My son also has Asperger’s and he never asks for anything for free. He will be 23 in April and doesnt work but earns the things he wants by doing things around here. I work full-time overnights so he cooks dinner so i can have a couple extra hours to sleep. He also cleans the kitchen and takes care of our animals. He doesnt beg for anything. If he wants something he will ask me…if at that time i can’t get him what he wants he understands and patiently waits until i can buy it for him. All these beggars and scammers are way out of control.