Block this person


Bought my Celeste, paid with an echeck that did not clear ~ don’t waste your time on her.

I asked her to cancel the transaction, she won’t even do that. Now I have to wait 10 days for her to decide
to cancel or not. I’ve already blocked her so she can’t bid or buy anything from me again, EVER.

If you are members of other forums, pass it around; I’d hate for anyone else to get burned like I did.

Sadly, she had 169 positive FB ~ and who knows how many negatives that can’t be given.


Okay, gotta fluff my tutu and get going! :smile:


Thanks for sharing @kareninflorida.

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Sorry you have to go through this…so frustrating!!!

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Off to block. Thanks for the heads up!

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:laughing: Karen, you kill me! Even with something negative like this, you manage to make me laugh. So sorry this happened to you and thanks for the heads up.


Just referring back to what @Deb posted earlier :smiley:


I caught the reference but it made me laugh. :laughing: I can’t believe she refuses to cancel the purchase. Groannn… :confused:

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Will block another deadbeat ebayer. So sorry you had to deal with this.


Karen, I hadn’t seen Deb’s post. Thanks for sharing! Too cute.

Maybe she is trying to get the funds to buy her so she doesn’t want to cancel? She shouldn’t have bought if she couldn’t pay, but hopefully she’ll make it right. Although I guess with someone like that you always fear them putting in a claim later (scam).
I’ve never used echecks at all. I guess it’s the same as a regular check but online? Looks like they bounce like real checks, too?

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Since she said last night that she’d be paying today with her husband’s social security check, I highly doubt she’ll find the funds to pay ~ she messaged me and said he told her NO. I don’t blame him! My goodness, if they are relying on his SSI to survive, I really think she probably needs to be buying things like food, not dolls. I actually feel sorry for her, but business is business. Since she is now blocked, she will not be able to bid or purchase anything from me. She probably knew when she paid with the echeck that it wasn’t going to clear. She’s a waste of time.

I do know that a non-paying bidder is protected by ebay and cannot receive negative feedback from the “seller”. I don’t know how things work out when they cancel the transaction. That may give them more of a “demerit” with ebay. I’m not sure, though. It could just be that she’s having fun wasting Karen’s time.

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Sorry about that, Karen. I was hoping she might make it right even though I know that usually isn’t the case in these situations.

Good luck on your future sale.