Blinkin Remake?

Crazy question time! Cradle kits has an optional way of doing their babies by adding a vinyl body over the cloth body (which has 3/4 limbs). So you get the cuddliness and poseability of the soft body with the vinyl body so you can show off the tummy, etc. Just wondering if you could do the same with blinkin using limbs from Tayla or Teagan with the vinyl body and head of blinkin.

They are close in size so i think u could .u would have to some how rig it to fit also cut the neck peice out but i think it would work and be vary cute

Could you just put Blinkin on a cloth body and split the vinyl body to fit over the cloth one?

I’ve put Nod in a soft body and I’m thinking maybe you can cut one side of the vinyl body, and cut out the neck and I’ll bet that might work. I actually have that soft Nod here with her hard body in a box (I’m not using it anyway) - let me try it later today & I’ll get back to you with the results

I’d appreciate that, Ginnylee. I will still probably get the cradle kit since she is so cute! But I’d like to try it on a less expensive kit to see if I like the feel.

Okay, sounds like that isn’t a good idea. Plus is making me rethink getting a Cradle kit for Christmas. Back to the drawing board. I’ll probably just wait and make Blinkin for my granddaughter next year. Going to go ahead and get the kit before they decide to discontinue it though just in case!

Well DJ, As promised, this morning I cut NOD’s hard body to try and fit the cloth body inside, and my cloth body for NOD is far too large.

My cloth body when attached to Nod gives her a great preemie size. I think it would take a custom tiny cloth body to fit, and I think it can be done, but it might be a lot of effort to get it right. The photos below show my Nod completed with the soft body I have, (she was one of my very first babies so don’t laugh ) and a photo with the two bodies side by side – it shows the difference in the size of the bodies, and I couldn’t even stuff the vinyl with the cloth. What I had to do to the soft body was to cut the neck away and down the sides. It could be used as a belly/back plate that way. ( but that made me think that the neck could be used if someone couldn’t find the plastic neck insert, so that’s an experiment for another day!