Blinkin & Nod came today!

These are seconds but I can’t really find anything wrong with them other than Blinkin seems to be that more gray looking vinyl while Nod has more of the nice peachy cream color. They are both nice and soft and I think they will make darling reborns.

They are so sweet i am happy you got nice ones!
I think (but i’m not sure) I am going to get Cici and Chaz. I am so broke but I want to get these for my sons. I wanted Bindi n Binki but cant get them

I haven’t gotten Camryn.
Blinkin is like the peach vinyl that some says is gray looking.
Nod is better color.
Blinkin also seems a bit less soft than Nod but still softer than a Berenguer by far.
Keep in mind my 2 are seconds so I don’t know if that is anything to do with the vinyl color/type or not.

Debi, I know my Sienna was that really light color. I had to put quite a few layers of flesh and washes before I actually started painting the way I wanted. I still have to figure out what color wash is the right one. Definitely experimental as I go along. I wonder if this is going to be a new, standard color or if it depends on where they are manufactured.

When I painted this baby in my siggy for the head I used Flesh 08 and added some raspberry blush mix I had left over from my last paint session to make a pinky flesh color. After a couple layers of that I started sandwiching mottling layers with flesh layers and so on. He started out pretty plain.