"Blaze" and "Hailey" (by Donna RuBert) Are AVAILABLE NOW!

**Hi Everyone!

We have just released TWO new Donna RuBert sculpts! They are “Blaze”, and also “Hailey”. They are both prominently displayed on our home page:


Just click either picture to be taken to the shopping area for that baby.

Donna also sculpted a very special portrait sculpt of Nevin and Denise Pratt’s baby girl “Olivia Rose Pratt”. Here is a picture of Rose when she was just a few days old:

**And here is a picture of what the talented Evon Nather did with our Rose prototype:

**Evon’s prototype is on eBay now, and we also are prominently showing Rose on our home page.

Thanks so much, everyone!

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She is so beautiful!

Your real baby Rose is simply perfect – she is beautiful! The prototype is lovely too, and a great job…I can’t wait for her to become available!