Birth Announcement

Ta-da! Today I finished my first baby, and I’m pretty happy with how he turned out (Tayla). Of course, I made every first-timers mistake in the book, and I am SO aware of the flaws, but he’s really cute in my eyes! I’ll get a picture posted this weekend…not a close-up, mind you, that would be just plain embarassing! I think 50’ away would be OK! My husband thinks he’s cute, but he didn’t see me this afternoon when I wanted to chuck it out the window in frustration putting eyes in for the first time! And then eye-lashes!! I’ll keep learning because it was so much fun…today was a snow day (finally) at school, so I had a good interval to work on him. He needs a few more finishing touches (the baby that is), but you know, you can’t even tell he’s got a scorched and lumpy head!! Just wanted to tell SOMEONE I have a new baby!! Rhonda

Congrats !!! You sound like a proud new MaMa!!!

i’m happy for you. don’t worry i seem to always make mistakes. that’s part of learning. i’m still trying to learn how and which needles to use to root hair that really looks good.

Congratulation on your first born. You know our babies are beautiful to us even if they aren’t to any one else and our vinyl babies are the same.

How exciting! Can’t wait to see! That first baby is so special

Hi, thanks for sharing. I love reading these first time experiences. Believe me most of us can really relate. In fact I just finished my fifth one and I still have those kinds of experiences. I hope they go away because I don’t know if my heart can take it.

Thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement…I still have butterflies this morning, and I’m thinking about what outfit I can change him into. I checked on him this morning, and he’s still so beautiful and looking at me so patiently, I don’t want to go to work this morning because I want to do those last finishing touches, and just hold him, wrapped in a blanket! I’m SO glad people understand, because some people (family!) think it’s wierd and creepy…can’t believe they’d feel that way because I’m so attached to him already. Thank you, thank you for understanding and “hearing” my excitement!

Congrats on your first baby and I am happy you are so in Love, That means you will continue reborning. You will always learn new things here and watch your babies become more and more beautiful with each one you make. This art form is always a learning experience. I Love the Tayla Sculpt, she is so precious. send pics please

Congrats, Rhonda, on your very first baby! And you know what??? Whenever i take my babies to work or to the store (yep, I’m one of THOSE people ) and someone tells me it’s CREEPY, I smile and say “THANK YOU, MY JOB IS DONE!” I mean, heck, if it’s realistic enough to actually be creepy-real, ALRIGHTY, THEN!!! You go, girl!!!