Binky now baby chimp CHi Chi


Here is my newest addition to the nursery.


ADORABLE and what a root job that was


adorable ,give me cramps in the hands thinking about all of that hair…
he is really cute


great job


fantastic job love him


O love the root job you did on him,that hair looks so soft and furry, just want to pick him up and give him a hug.


**Cute as a button! I’d love to do one, but it would take me a year to root it.

I’ve seen a lot of them that aren’t done well. Probably by ones who don’t have the patience for rooting that much. Your’s is one of the greatest ones I’ve seen. Good work!



Thanks, it did take me forever to root. Almost 2 ounces of mohair…And yes, I did have cramps in my hand not to mention a few pricks too. I think it was worth it…she did turn out cute.


That face just makes me smile!! Awesome job! I think if she lived with me I would just glace at her when in a bad mood and that smile on her face would make me happy!!


Ah Chi Chi is so cute! Do did a fantastic job!


Thanks everyone. Yes, I did him in between working on other babies. You have to take your time with this one. I wish there were other animal kits to do. Like puppies and birds…


my fingers are hurting in sympathy that is some rooting job,but deffinetly worth that is one of the cutest chimps i have seen well done a little beauty.

    best wishes,


Well he sold for only $199
I dont get it, others sell theirs for over $400 but I cant seem to get up there. Someone explain what it may be because I dont see it.


He’s really cute!! I love his eye color


i hate to let him go for $199 he was so much work. I really thought bidding would go up. I am working on another but now I am not so sure I want to continue


He is adorable!! Now that I see yours, I may have to make one for me!!


He was adorable! Great baby chimp! Did you use black mohair and how much did it take?