Binki & Bindi already for Christmas giving

I just can’t wait until my grand daughter opens these babies on Christmas. I think she will love them but there’s always that little voice that says, "What if she doesn’t like them?"
I’ll just have to ignore that voice & think positive…here they are, What do you think?

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your grand daughter should love them…their very cute…are they the prepainted ones…?
i want bindi i plan on getting her for myself for christmas next month…
i love your baby in your siggy…
i want so bad to do sam sera and lucy as triplets…i think they’d be soo cute…
TFS…i love their outfits too…

Awww they are so cute!

How old is your grand daughter. Mine is 20 months and I made the bindy up waiting on bodies etc for the other one. But was able to show it to her just to see how she would respond and she never put that monkey down. I could only get it away from her when she was looking and she all the her babies lined up to take a nap including Bindy and once she turned her head I snatched Bindy so I could put it up for Christmas.LOl. So I bet your granddaughter will just fall in love with both of them.

Oh my! She’s going to love them! I couldn’t quit smiling when I was looking at their little pics. So sweet! also…if she decides she doesn’t want them, I’m sending you my address so you can send them to ME! LOL

I love them and their outfits!

Your granddaughter will love them! I love their outfits.

Thank you everybody!

Yes they are the pre painted ones from BB. I couldn’t resist when they went on sale.

My grand daughter is eight years old & she LOVES dolls so I think these will be right up her alley! I showed them to her dad & he couldn’t stop chuckling at them…he thinks she’ll like them.

They are adorable Marlene! I love them AND your new siggy.

Thank you, thank you. I’m thinking about selling hats like the pink one on my siggy. I’ll have to take some pictures of the ones I have already made.


Marlene I can already tell you that I want a couple of those. They are so cute. Let me know when I can put in my order.

I think your Granddaughter will Love them! She is a lucky lil girl