BIndi and binki...ANybody try to reset the eyes?

What happened? Did it work? I got Binki too. I didn’t think drunk, I thought crazy. Just a little. Still cute as can be though.

This morning the sealer I put inside my kit last night was still very wet so I decided to try heating them in the oven a bit to dry it out some and speed things up. I put mine in at 250 degrees for 8 mins and that is plenty hot enough for if you wanted to change or move the eyes. As I suspected, this silicone vinyl heats up faster than regular vinyl and will melt more easily so that was why I didn’t go 265 on the temp like I would if heat setting paint. SO if you want to move your eyes use 250 degrees until your head feels warm enough to work with. I also wet the hair down before putting her in the oven.

Thanks Angie for the tip!