BIN #2 kits for sale, Harper, Huggable, Twin A

Here are some more of the kits I have had stashed away. I will never get these painted.

Shipping not included.
Shipping for one kit $9.00
Shipping for two kits $17.00

Huggable by Marita Winters, kit #1 $125

Harper by Andrea Arcello $300

SOLD Saskia first edition by Bonnie Brown $100

SOLD Derrick by Tamie Yarie $70

SOLD Freya by Tina Kewy $70

SOLD Peanut by Priscilla Lopez $75

SOLD Lucy by Tina Kewy $75

SOLD Twin A by Bonnie Brown first edition $70

SOLD Rose by Adrie Stoete $50

Suu Kyi by Adrie Stoete, special edition $100

Candy by Ping Lau $75



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Can I take Rose by Adrie? My PayPal is


Is twin A still available??

Sorry, no.

Ok! Do you have any other kits available?