BIN #1 Kit Sale

I have 5 bins of kits that need to get weeded out. I will never paint them all in 2 lifetimes. Here they are:

Shipping extra. $8.30 for one kit, $15.05 for two kits via Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes.

SOLD Realborn Madison 2nds from Bountiful Baby $20

SOLD Realborn Zuri from Bountiful Baby $30

SOLD Cormac by Phil Donnelly(has 2 spots on head) $65

SOLD Realborn Quinn from Bountiful Baby 2nds $20

Nicky by Christa Gotzen $100

SOLD Joel by Heike Kolpin $80

SOLD Noel by Olga Auer with body $85

SOLD Tilda by Christa Gotzen $100

Gertie by Joanna Gomes with signed body and belly $65

Millie by Olga Auer $100

SOLD Miles by Bountiful Baby (not seconds but no COA) $15

Maike by Gudrun Legler with body $75

SOLD Addie by Maisa Said with body $60

SOLD Ella by Karola Wegerich with body $100

SOLD Realborn Reese by Bountiful Baby $35

SOLD Adeline by Ping Lau with belly $70

SOLD Julietta by Natali Blick with belly and body $125

SOLD Kiara by Nikki Johnston with body $90


I’ll take Zuri!!!


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@YelenaRey @PutABonnetOnIt

I’d like Miles please. I will pm you.

I don’t need more kits.
I don’t need more kits.
I don’t need more kits.
Nope. It’s not working. :woman_shrugging:t2:
I need Julietta please. :heart:


I tried and failed also.


Who are we trying to kid? Self control is not a thing when it comes to me and kits. :woman_facepalming:t2:


That mantra didn’t work for me either. I’ll take Adeline by Ping Lau


@YelenaRey Thank you!!! You saved me from having to buy her. I was seriously wavering. :wink::rofl:

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I was hoping someone would buy her before me to ease my temptation!


Me too actually. Sighs I wish I could get Maike and Ella and Tilda.

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Yep. I want all of those too. But I can’t get them all. :grimacing:

You always snag the kits I want :rofl::rofl: you have good taste! I need to save my money anyway I guess but I can’t help but peak :sob:


Nope. I could justify Miles as practice, but the others I have no justification for!

I am sorry, but I waited 10 min :wink:

Whom are you painting for your ROSE sell?

My PayPal is for Julietta.

Thank you! Invoice sent.


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Got it and paid it. :blush:

Heh, that feeling you get when you get a pm saying “Miles is yours”, or whoever…

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