Big Joseph, now Josie, photoshoot finished!


I finally got around to selecting and watermarking photos of my Big Joseph (now called Josie). I used Grant’s limbs on her because I’ve never liked the 3 month Joseph limbs. I can’t post her on Reborns until tomorrow since I listed Groot today, but thought I’d share one or two (or a dozen lol) of my favorite photos of her.




She is soooo beautiful. Your details are so perfect those nails are skillfully done!


I like her with Grant limbs :slight_smile:


Wow! She’s wonderful! What do you use on her nails if you don’t mind me asking?


I just paint them with my blush color, and tip them with nail tip color and a tiny bit of yellow. I dip a ball tip nail art tool in my yellow shading paint mixture then directly into the pot of nail tip color and sort of drag it across the tip, then even it out with a brush or cosmetic wedge. They’re glossed with mod podge satin.


She is beautiful!


Wow! No wonder they look great! I’m a cosmetologist- I don’t know why I didn’t think of using a nail art tool. I will definitely try this next time. Thanks for being so helpful!


She looks lovely with Grant limbs!


What a beautiful baby!


What a sweetie and I love her red hair. I am doing a lot of red heads right now. I just finished my Adalyn red head and I have a custom April red head to root soon as well.


Love these limbs with her! I’m painting this kit now and wish I had different limbs, I also don’t like her original sausage limbs :rofl:


Lovely soft skin tones


She is soooo stinkin’ cute!!!