Big Joseph awake as a girl


What do you guys think of her?


Oh my gosh, she is too cute!
I predict a FAST sale! :heart_eyes:


Thanks @Simone and I hope it will be a quick sale. :heart:


She’s so cute! I agree she’ll sell fast.


I love her you just might have decided me on a girl for mine , I bought it but just haven’t done anything on it yet but this makes me want to .


So cute, love her hair!


SHe is beautiful and wow look at that hair! She is so sweet


Awe, she is adorable, great job!


Thanks ladies! :heart:


She’s adorable!! I posted about her in the WIP I think :slight_smile: I said I can’t believe you rooted her!! :star_struck:


Adorable! She’s such a chunker:)