BIG baby spam! Dominic, Quinn, Max, Rebekah, Ashley, Nina!


Awwww thank you everyone!! youre all too kind. Thank you so much for the doll show well wishes! Im so excited/nervous!

@Reefbubbles Thank you! You will love Landon!! He’s so much fun to paint, here’s mine (without hair at this point hahah). One pic is a camera pic and one is a phone pic, hence the colour difference

@Theara I wish i knew :joy: I think 0000000 would fit him if you could find it. He’s 14" so very tiny. Luckily for me my beautiful friend is making him an outfit for the show because I imagine it’d be quite hard to find something in his size haha


It’s OK. I’ve now discovered the world of micro preemie clothing. How did I not know about this? Preemie mom so you’d think I’d know? There’s so many cute clothes for tiny babies. I also knit and crochet and want to start again. Maybe I’ll make something if I can find this kit.


He is adorable, I love hearing a kit is enjoyable to paint then I look forward to it more! Your babies are going to be the talk of the show! Make sure you come back and share with us how everything went😊


What show will you at? :heart_eyes:


@nikkiroc I’m in Australia, its the Reborn & Collectors doll show, Essendon Aug 18th. Not long to go now, I’m counting down the days!

@Reefbubbles Right?! It adds another level of fun :joy:
Aww thank you!! It’s a teenie lil show, we don’t have anything in Australia like Rose/IDTS etc, so im not expecting too much. It’ll be such a great experience though, I’ll definitely report back! :grin:


Very nice work. I hope you sale them all!


The show there can grow. Rose gets bigger every year.


I am overwhelmed with the adorableness!!’ They are all so cute!!!