BIG baby spam! Dominic, Quinn, Max, Rebekah, Ashley, Nina!


Now I apologise for the amount of babies crammed into one post, really I do haha.
I’ve got a local doll show coming up (my first!!) so ive been pumping them out and haven’t really shared any pics!
I apologise that half the dolls have a bottle shoved in their face, I guess its not the best to show them off but I think they look soooo cute with a bottle :joy:
So here’s some of the crew!
Dominic Awake



Nina sculpted by Adrie Stoete

Ashley awake


If you got through all of them, I commend you haha
Thank you for looking!
Once I’ve finished rooting the babies I’ll post their pics too


They are adorable and all of their little outfits are precious. :heart_eyes:


Nice work, they are all adorable. Thats a lot of rooting, good luck at your doll show.


@Shera1 Thank you!
So far I’ve rooted Max, Chase Brown, Brittany and Luca Tuzio Ross. I have Landon to go and the doll show in 2 weeks, I’ve bitten off way more than I can chew haha :joy:
I’ll be glad once the show is over

@Katinafleming Thank you! For the show they’re all having matching little hand made outfits (courtesy of a lovely friend), I’m so excited!!


Very pretty babies. Love the coloring.


Beautiful babies!!


Omg, there all amazing!!! Love all of them!!! If I had $$ I’d snatch a few! :grin:


Love them all! I especially love Quinn.:heart_eyes:


Beautiful, all of them!


Rebecca And Quinn are top picks!!


Beautiful babies !!!


They are all just gorgeous, but your Rebbeka stole my heart, her coloring is so beautiful. I bought the Landon kit but haven’t painted him yet, would love to see yours!


OMG I’m so in love with max! I just wanna pick him up and cuddle


Great work, you have been busy! Quinn may be my favorite but I like the rooting on Max a lot. Good luck at your show. Hope you sell lots of them and make a bunch of people happy!


Beautiful babies! I love your Dominic


They are all beautiful!!! Wishing you the best of luck at the doll show!


I’m so in love!! Thanks for sharing all of the lovely photos with us! I especially love your Rebekah and Quinn. Now I want the Rebekah sculpt


OK, now I have to do Max, lol. All of your babies are awesome!


Beautiful babies … good luck with the show.


The squee was big. OMG so much cute in one place. What size clothes does Max wear?