Bi-racial Baby Natalia


Here’s her photo album:

She’s not perfect but considering the last time I tried to make an ethnic baby from a cream colored kit she is a far cry better than then. She has a few spots that are a little blotchy but it wouldn’t show up on pics. I will just have to say so in the auction.


I love her! She is so different that seeing the Kyra kit all the time. Kyra is cute but common. I love the little tongue on this baby. The hair is nice and the barely there eyebrows are cool.


I love that her little eyes look “off”… just looks so real…


I love the color of her hair and eyes. She’s a cutie!


She’s adorable!


She’s so pretty! I love her creamy complexion.


She is soooo cute!!! :0)


Wow she looks great!! I planned on having a go at a bi-racial baby but keep skipping over it. Now I am thinking it will be the next one I start when I finish working on the ones I am still trying to finish up, (now that I see your sweet baby).


She is so cute!


Looks great! I’m still avoiding making a biracial doll. I have an Olive by Jessica Schenk, but don’t feel I’m quite ready to start building darker skin tones


I think she is a cutey


Oh cute! Nice one! I hadn’t yet seen this baby as a biracial. Great job!