Best tutorial/ebook for newbie for ethnic skin tones


Hi to Everyone,
First of all, thank you to all of you who have unknowingly helped me much as I have lurked around and read advice from these boards… I am new to reborning and got absolutely hooked as soon as I started playing around with my first second-hand kits I had bought on a whim. A few of those kits “tell me” :wink: they are AA or biracial and I want to make sure I do them justice… Any advice on a good tutorial for ethnic skin tones?So far I am debating between Lara Antonucci’s ebook on coco tones or the ebook Kim advertises on custom doll baby. Open to suggestions if there are better places to learn for a newbie!


I’d suggest Jackie Ortiz’ YouTube videos. She uploaded a series of how she paints her ethnic babies, plus, they’re free!


Thank you, I’ll check her out. Free is good since I won’t even add up how much I have spent already lol.


I would try @snuggle2me tutorial. Its affordable and easyto follow.